Here’s How Start Making All Your Ads, Sales Letters And Web Marketing Pieces Major Winners

Getting started couldn’t be any easier. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, this course will give you a powerful arsenal of tools for improving the results of all your marketing. Bob created this course with the specific intention of getting you on a fast track to highly successful ads, sales letters, and web marketing. Let’s take a look at the details of what’s included.

The copywriting course is packed with everything I’ve just described above. You get a massive manual with all three sections:

  • How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy
  • The Headline Clinic
  • 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-by-step Tour Of Some
    Of Their Most Profitable Promotions

But that’s just the start. For this very special edition, I’ve also included 2 exceptional bonuses that Bob created. I’m doing everything I possibly can to make this the ultimate package for your marketing and copywriting success. Here are the bonuses and the advantages they give you:

Bonus #1: The 8 Key Secrets To Consistently Getting Tons Of Free Publicity — And How To Use It To Send Your Sales Through The Roof

Free publicity can be a powerful tool for growing your business. Not just because it’s free, but for the tremendous credibility that comes with media coverage. The good news is, getting all of the free publicity you need is a game. The only problem is, the rules of the game haven’t been clearly stated – until now.

This bonus report will give you a professional publicist’s arsenal of tools for winning all of the free publicity your business needs. You’ll find out how to create a simple, powerful publicity plan, what to do to easily double or triple the amount of coverage you get, and a wealth of hot tips and techniques for converting publicity to increased sales.

professional publicist's arsenal

This report normally sells for $20. But it’s yours free when you purchase the course.

Bonus #2: A Special Interview With Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas

If you’ve been around direct marketing at all, Ted Nicholas’ name is familiar to you. Ted’s success with space ads and direct mail is legendary. He has single-handedly created campaigns that have sold over 200 million dollars worth of books for his company.

A few years ago, Bob was able to interview Ted for an hour. The interview yielded a 21-page report called, Ted Nicholas: Self-Publishing And Copywriting Secrets. In this unique report, Ted shares the secrets of succeeding in self-publishing. Not just as a primary business, but also as a way of generating huge amounts of qualified leads for your existing business.

Then Ted digs in and shares the secrets he’s used to create the copy that sold 200 million dollars worth of his books. Some of the topics Ted covers in great detail include…

  • Inside information on creating riveting headlines
  • The secret of writing hypnotic body copy
  • How to price products for maximum sales
  • The secret of the “ultimate benefit”
  • How to test your copy

And more. Quite simply, Ted tells all!

If you want to profit from the experience of one of the most successful direct marketers ever, don’t miss this riveting report. A bargain at it’s normal selling price of $20, it’s yours free with your purchase of the course…

Now considering that the value of the bonuses alone, you might expect to pay in excess of $297 for How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces PLUS the two bonuses.

But I have good news for you. That price isn’t even close. I’ve packed as much value as I possibly can into this exciting package, yet I’m making it available for the extremely reasonable price of just $247. (see special offer below)

And for that low of an investment to substantially improve the results of all your marketing, you simply can’t go wrong.

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