Model Someone Who Is Already Successful

But the problem is, you can’t just model anybody. Not if you want to ensure your own success. You have to model the absolute cream of the crop – those experts who have proven themselves over and over again the only place where it really counts: in the market place.

That’s what How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces gives you. Access to the inside strategies and marketing secrets of the top experts at creating space ads, direct mail campaigns, and web marketing. Here’s what you’ll find in this powerful copy writing resource:

Section 1: How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy… Like A Copywriting Master

There are a lot of courses on copy writing. Some good, some completely useless. What makes this section so different than all the other books and courses on writing copy is this:

When Bob decided to create this copy writing course, instead of basing it on what he thought should be in a book on successful marketing and copywriting, he let his clients tell him what would help them the most.

Here’s what he discovered. Bob’s clients told him they can recognize a good or even great ad when they see one. But they don’t know what makes it great. And what they really wanted was to have a copywriter dissect an ad, block-by-block, to show precisely what they were thinking when they wrote every component.

And that’s what makes this “marketing goldmine” so different, so much more immediately useful than any other book you’ve ever seen on creating hard-hitting marketing and copywriting. Each piece is broken down to it’s finest detail so you can model it right away in your own successful marketing campaigns.


However, in addition to these “guided tours” of successful ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces, I’ve also included Bob’s special 30-page guide to writing powerful copy. This will give you a foundation for everything that follows. Here are the components you’ll find in this guide:

  • Lock in greater sales with these 4 Major Selling Principles. Getting your prospects and customers to take the action you want is much easier when you understand and apply these 4 powerful principles. Any one of them can propel your sales to new levels. Combined, they’re unbeatable!
  • Increase the selling power of all your marketing and copy by creating maximum response offers. I’ll let you in on a major secret. In today’s market, your offer makes or breaks your success. Crafting a powerful, highly profitable offer is easy when you understand how. You’ll get comprehensive details on how to do just that and start enjoying greater sales volume right away.
  • Pump up your profits with my Maximum Response Marketing Power Formula. This is the 14-step “recipe” Bob uses to create all of his own copy. You’ll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating highly profitable ads, sales letters, and web marketing with minimum effort.

Next you’ll discover how you can apply everything you’ve learned… To immediately put this information to practical use, you get complete annotated versions of some of Bob’s most successful marketing pieces. This includes two space ads, a postcard mailer, a sales letter, and a web marketing piece. Each block of each piece is numbered and explained, block-by-block, in complete detail.

This “working tour” of the five sales pieces leaves no stone unturned. You’ll see precisely how each piece was created, what structure was used, and the logic behind each critical decision. More importantly, you’ll be able to take the lessons from each piece and apply them to your own copy for maximum results.

By the way, earlier I told you about a client of Bob’s who increased his profits by 917% using these techniques. And many other clients who increased their sales by 300% or more. They achieved these results just with the strategies and techniques you get in Section 1.

Section 2: The Headline Clinic

Powerful headlines are crucial to the success of any marketing piece. Since you only have a few seconds to seize your reader’s attention and convince them to keep reading your ad or sales letter, you’d better be able to stop them in their tracks. So Bob’s devoted an entire section to making sure you have all the tools you’ll ever need to create successful headlines.

For this clinic, Bob Serling is joined by Bob Bly, T. Harv Eker, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Brad Petersen, Joe Vitale, and Brian Voiles to show you everything you need to create the kind of headlines that get optimum results.

You’ll discover what’s crucial to include in every headline, what to absolutely avoid, and ethical ways to “swipe” winning headlines from other ads and sales letters. When you’re done with this section, you’ll be a master at creating headlines that sell much more of what you have to offer.

Section 3: 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-By-Step Tour Of Some Of Their Most Profitable Copywriting Promotions

This section is packed with powerful examples of ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces that have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. Each piece has proven itself many times over in the marketplace. There is no textbook theory, no wishful thinking, no fluff or filler. It’s all hard-hitting, proven strategies and copy you can start using today to create your own winning sales pieces.

20 of the top marketing experts in the country reveal their trade secrets for creating marketing and copy that produces exceptional results. Each piece is broken down block-by-block and numbered. Then each numbered block is dissected and laid out in complete detail. You see the strategy each expert used, the techniques, offers, guarantees, risk reversals… and every other component that makes these pieces produce such powerful results.

Nothing is left to the imagination. By the time you’re done with these guided tours, you’ll have all the tools you’ll ever need for creating marketing that produces substantial results. Take a look at what you get in this innovative section:

  • Karen Anderson. How to use endorsed copy and offers to create an explosion of sales on the Internet.
  • Don Bice. Inside secrets of a sales letter that’s pulled in steady profits month after month for more than 10 years. Plus a powerful sales letter for a business opportunity.
  • Bob Bly. A sales letter demonstrating how to sell technical workshops by the master of business-to-business marketing.
  • Larry Chase. A powerful press release that brought in thousands of subscribers to Larry’s online newsletter. This is a masterful example of using the hook of a free service to drive a lot of traffic to your web site.
  • Marty Chenard. How to use postcard mailings and an ingeniously simple sampling technique to win paid subscribers to a newsletter.
  • Declan Dunn. How to sell a high-ticket product on the Internet. Declan obliterates the myth that only low-cost items can be sold online.
  • Randy Gage. Randy’s powerful space ad that made his book on multilevel marketing a best seller. Plus a sales letter that shows you how proper bending of traditional marketing rules can produce exceptional results.
  • Dr. Paul Hartunian. Secrets for creating low-cost inserts that produce impressive profits. Paul reveals how to create a substantial six-figure income with this simple technique.
  • Don Hauptman. Don is known the world over for his classic headline and campaign “Speak Spanish [French, German, etc.] Like a Diplomat!” that sold tens of millions of dollars worth of language courses. He shares a new space ad that’s being used to sell a famous information product.
  • Dan Kennedy. In this spectacularly successful direct mail letter, Dan demonstrates how the magic of the word “free” coupled with an almost too-good-to-be-true offer moves a lot of product.
  • Dr. Audri Lanford. Does long copy sell? You bet it does. Discover how Audri uses a 30-page “reportlet” to create a large volume of sales.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lant. No-holds-barred advice from a marketing legend on how to make the Internet and e-mail marketing produce impressive profits.
  • Ted Nicholas. The latest space ad from the man who has sold over $200,000,000 worth of books through his mastery of creating compelling space ads.
  • Mike Pavlish. Discover the inside secrets of selling through magalogs, the format all major newsletter publishers rely on to build huge volumes of subscribers.
  • Brad Petersen. Here’s a problem everyone wishes they had. Brad explains the 2-page space ad he created for a client that sold so many pool cues, they couldn’t produce enough product to fill all the orders and had to stop running the ad!
  • Russ Phelps. Discover the secrets of successful tear-sheet mailings by one of the most successful copywriters in the country.
  • Murray Raphel. Marketing legend Murray Raphel reveals a 1-page letter he created that sold over 5,000 copies of a hardcover book.
  • Joe Vitale. Master copywriter Joe Vitale shows how he breaks all the rules and uses a simple, 2-page letter to sell a $795 product. Plus, he reveals his secret for creating “publicity style copy” to make impressive sales with e-mail marketing.
  • Brian Voiles. How a simple postcard mailing brings in a phenomenal $26.97 for every dollar invested in marketing.
  • Pamela Yellen. These space ads focus on two-step “upgrade selling” — using a free or low-cost report to identify prospects, then selling them high-ticket items through the report. A powerful weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.

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