More Powerful Copy writing

It’s just that simple. Look, I don’t care how great your product is, how attractive your art work may be, what list you’re using, how inexpensively you can reach thousands of prospects on the web, or how unique any other component of your advertising might be.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t do an exceptional job of motivating your prospects to take immediate action… if you bore them for one second… if you confuse them… or don’t do the strongest job possible of closing them once you have their attention…

You’re Cheating Yourself Out Of All The Profits
You Could Potentially Be Earning!

I’m sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven’t you run an ad or mailed a sales letter you were sure would sell like crazy — only to have it fail dismally?

Bob knows this painful outcome is all too familiar. Because a full 90% of his clients tell him they’ve been through this.

Hold on. Maybe you’re thinking, “So what. This doesn’t really apply to me. I do most of my marketing on the Internet. And since it doesn’t cost me anything to advertise, everything I make is pure profit.”

Unfortunately, that kind of mushy thinking is killing your sales. While it’s true that it doesn’t cost much to market on the Internet, the real problem is the competition for customers is staggering.

Right now, there are over 320 million web sites on the Internet! Which means you’re in an all-out war for “share of mind.” Just getting people to discover your web site, much less pay any real attention to it, is an enormous challenge.

Bottom line, ask yourself this question: “If Internet marketing costs so little, how come I’m not making more money with my web marketing?” Bob knows from what his clients tell him that the vast majority of people marketing on the Internet are getting lukewarm results at best.

In addition to reporting poor response and results with their online and offline marketing, his clients also tell him they wish they were much better copywriters. Or they knew more about how to effectively judge and improve the copywriting they get from their copywriters.

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