Stop Risking Your Valuable Time, Effort, And Money On Ineffective Copywriting…

Why spin your wheels with weak, ineffective concepts and copy? Marketing is much too time-consuming and expensive to risk getting poor results.

Now there’s a better way. Because now you can “team up” with 23 of the most successful marketing experts in the world and use their inside secrets to maximize the selling power of every ad, sales letter, and web marketing piece you create.

Experts like…

Karen Anderson
Gary Halbert
Brad Petersen
Don Bice
Dr. Paul Hartunian
Russ Phelps
Bob Bly
Don Hauptman
Murray Raphel
Larry Chase
Dan Kennedy
Bob Serling
Marty Chenard
Dr. Audri Lanford
Joe Vitale
Declan Dunn
Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Brian Voiles
T. Harv Eker
Ted Nicholas
Pamela Yellen
Randy Gage
Mike Pavlish

I’m pleased to announce Bob’s comprehensive new copywriting course that’s packed with the proven strategies of these leading experts. Each expert painstakingly lays out the complete details of some of their most successful marketing campaigns — space ads, direct mail campaigns, and Internet marketing.

They break each piece down block-by-block and show you what they were thinking, the strategy that drives the piece, and every last detail on how the piece was created. Why is this so beneficial to you? Because Bob himself learned from many years of expensive trial and error that the fastest, easiest, safest way to lock in success is to…

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