“Take Action Today” Bonus Bribe

If you buy this amazing “toolkit” today, right now… I’ll “sweeten the deal” by throwing in a set of bonus tapes…

These tapes are currently offered in my $247 version of “How to Write Million Dollar Ads”, but if you order today you get both the tapes and the 411 page course… all for only $147… That’s right, the exact same “complete” course that is a best seller at $247… now yours for just $147… but only if you act fast!

These bonus tapes contain audio interviews with three leading experts on Internet marketing and copywriting. Bob conducted separate interviews with Dr. Audri Lanford, Joe Vitale, and Declan Dunn on how to make all of your Internet marketing more profitable.

Here’s just a portion of what you’ll get:

  • The best ways to drive major traffic to your web site
  • The single most important marketing method for succeeding on the Internet
  • Incredibly effective low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques
  • How online copywriting differs from traditional copywriting — if you don’t follow some basic rules, you’re wasting your time and money
  • The best ways to structure an online offer
  • Hard facts on what sells and what doesn’t sell online
  • Impressive success stories of companies you’ve never heard of
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to cash in with affiliate programs
  • What the future holds for Internet marketing

…and much, much more.

This 3-tape set will be priced at $59 when it’s sold on it’s own. But it’s yours free with the “How to Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters and Web Marketing Pieces” course

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal… the complete $247 package for just $147!

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