Why do you need the correct formatting of texts?

All Internet users, including you, go to the pages of various portals in search of information, answers to questions: why does it hurt, where is the breakdown, and of course, how to properly format the article. The latter applies to you if you are reading this post. Once upon a time I also asked this question, starting my first steps in the profession of a copywriter.

So, getting to the page with the necessary information, a person will read exactly the correctly formatted article, where there are paragraphs, subheadings, lists, etc. I will tell you about this below. Subconsciously, the information presented in this way is more convenient to perceive, in contrast to a solid text.

Rule # 1 – text formatting

What it is? This is a breakdown of an article into paragraphs, headings, subheadings, and lists. All this visually increases the percentage of text perception, and a copywriter who knows how to do this is in high demand among customers. It can be put it – the second main technique in copywriting, after literacy.

Research conducted at one of the US universities, and the results published in the famous newspaper of the country “New York Times”, showed that only 18-20 percent of users read articles to the end. The rest go to other pages of sites in search of more digestible information. And these transitions were related specifically to unformatted texts.

Basically, it is about creating visual cues. The person reading the copywriter’s article will know what is written below. The subheadings will lead it down the text, forcing you to read everything to the last line. And this is exactly what optimizers need. To make it difficult for people to visit the site for key queries, and stay on it for as long as possible.

Formatting elements:

  • Article title.
  • Introduction.
  • Subheading of paragraphs.
  • Presentation of information in order.
  • Sentence readability.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Allocation of keywords (at the request of the client).
  • Easy to read font.
  • Logical completion.

Rule # 2 – introduction

Any copywriter texts should start with a few lines, making it clear the meaning of what is written below. The reader should try to hook them, make them read the text to the end. Combined with a catchy headline, a competent introduction will create a double effect. Customers love it.

Remember one rule that novice authors sin. The introduction is a unique and addictive part of the article. There is no need to cite extracts from history when plastic windows came to the market, and you know that Louis III also commissioned stone buildings.

This method has long outlived its usefulness. You are a copywriter – come up with an original beginning of articles, and then you will be happy in your work.

Heading and Subheadings

All articles must have attractive titles. That is, the “title” of the article, come up with such that it accurately reflects the information below. So that the user knows that this is what he needs and be sure to read the article to the end. Also, headlines should catch on with their name, and not just say something is written here, and there something else. It is not right.

Also with subheadings, they should draw into the reading of the paragraph. The user will know that if he misses at least one, then he will not recognize all the information for which he came. Headings and subheadings are the main weapon of a competent copywriter.

Rule # 3 – ordering

We all love it when everything goes according to plan. In the morning we got up, washed, had breakfast and went on about our business. So in the texts, the copywriter should do the same. Present information in order. Write how to plant potatoes, first tell us how to dig up the ground, mark holes, etc. And not vice versa.

Rule # 4 – keep your thoughts short

Try to write in an accessible language and in short, understandable sentences. The texts of the copywriter are read by various users, and everyone should understand the meaning. Easy-to-read sentences are better remembered, so take note of this.

How do I make the text readable?

  1. The number of words in a sentence is no more than 15.
  2. A paragraph with a maximum of 5-6 sentences.
  3. Fewer introductory words: most likely, however, but you probably know, etc.
  4. Do not write in smart words, simple articles on the topic of construction, renovation and others.
  5. If you cite the statements of famous people, explain who it is, the reader needs to know who to focus on.
  6. Less tautological repetitions in adjacent sentences.

Rule # 5 bulleted lists

Favorite feature in writing articles of many copywriters. And this is not their whim, but “undermining” the text for the work of search robots. Lists make an article more interesting, allowing you to better absorb information.

In fact, there are no restrictions on how lists are compiled. Some customers ask that the text be split in half into such enumerations so that the user can read it better. Write listings of tools, describing some work, materials, names of firms, manufacturers, steps to perform actions, and much more.

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